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Goshen Scout Reservation

The Adventures of Scout Camping at Goshen Scout Reservation

Each summer, Goshen Scout Reservation comes alive for thousands of Webelos Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers, and adult leaders.  In continuous operation since 1967, Goshen Scout Reservation is truly the premier camp in the area. Visit us for the 2011 camping season. Here are just some of the features of our reservation:

  • An outstanding COPE Course and Climbing Tower
  • A bouldering wall for Webelos Scouts
  • The best High Adventure Trek program this side of Philmont
  • A variety of options for program and food service at our Scout Base Camps
  • Kayaking in ALL camps
  • New special program features offered each year

Camps designed for BOY SCOUTS
Camp Bowman
Camp Olmsted
Camp Marriott


Camps designed for WEBELOS SCOUTS
Camp Ross
Camp PMI


[important]The Lenhok’sin High Adventure program is based at Camp Baird. [/important]

ACTIVITY AREAS Each Webelos Scout, Boy Scout and Venturer (and adult leaders) may participate in any of the following areas as appropriate to that program:


Develop confidence in and around the water by learning how to swim or earning the Aquanaut Activity Badge, Swimming, Lifesaving, Rowing, Canoeing, and Small Boat Sailing Merit Badges or BSA Lifeguard. Enjoy our great variety of watercraft, such as canoes, rowboats, kayaks, and sail boats. Older Scouts will have the opportunity to earn Motor Boating and Water Sports merit badges.

Shooting Sports
Each Scout may be exposed to any of the shooting sports offered at camp during the open shoot time. Webelos Scouts will have at least 2 opportunities to enjoy both Archery and BB Shooting; Boy Scouts may sign up and earn a merit badge in Archery, Rifle, or Shotgun Shooting. All participants will gain a basic knowledge, learn a skill, and develop a positive attitude in firearms safety.


Conservation has always been an important part of Scouting.  Take advantage of our “outdoor classroom” to learn to take care of the land, water, air, environment, and all living things.  Webelos Scouts will have the opportunity to earn Activity Pins such as Naturalist and Forester; Scouts may earn merit badges such as Astronomy, Soil and Water Conservation, Environmental Science, and Weather.


Outdoor Skills
Learn the skills needed to live comfortably in the outdoors, including camping, pioneering, hiking, cooking and survival skills. Enjoy working with ropes and spars to create towers, bridges, or whatever the imagination can dream up. First-year Scouts will have the opportunity to complete all the requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks.


Here a boy uses his hands to learn or improve skills such as woodcarving, leatherwork, painting, and basketry. Webelos Scouts enjoy these same crafts as well as Tie Dying, a favorite for many years. These are just a few of the handicraft skills taught at camp.


Location Goshen Scout Reservation is located about three and one-half hours from Washington, D.C., near Lexington, Virginia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It sets on 4500 acres of some of the most beautiful country in America, surrounding our own 450-acre Lake Merriweather, which is used for the varied water activities that make summer camp exciting and comfortable.

Lenhok’sin High Adventure

Goshen Videos available below:

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