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Camp William B. Snyder

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The 350-acre Camp William B. Snyder, located in Haymarket, Virginia is the latest addition to the camping experiences offered by the National Capital Area Council and the Boy Scouts of America.  Camp Snyder serves as a multi-functional camp that can meet the needs of Packs, Troops, Venture Crews, and other

outside organizations looking to develop a partnership or enjoy a quality outdoor experience.
Choose from a wide variety of camping styles, including open field camping, Troop campsites using our platformed wall tents, and Modern Cabins with full kitchen and air Conditioning! Camp Snyder also features state-of-the-art facilities including an olympic-sized outdoor swimming pool with water slides, water basketball and volleyball areas, an air conditioned 500 person dining hall, and a COPE Course.

Many Camp William B. Snyder Facilities are available for rental. Click here for more details.   Please note that Reservations for Off Season Camp Use are not final until a Camp Snyder Use Request Form has been officially completed, submitted and approved by the National Capital Area Council.  Other forms of communication such as Email and Phone Calls will not be accepted as actual confirmed reservations, but may be utilized to inquire about potential availability.  Submitted


  • The general expectation is that you or at least an advance team member check in by 7:00 PM.  If you are running late because of traffic or another issue.  You should call the camp phone number at 571-248-4904 and let them know your estimated time of arrival.
  • The general expectation is that you will check out by 11:00 AM on your final day at camp.  If you need to stay longer, then that request must be made to the camp directly prior to your stay.
  • All vehicles must be parked in the main parking lot after dropping off any of your gear.  With the exception to the rule being at the Troop Cabins as those areas have their own designated parking areas.
  • Only Troop trailers are permitted in the camp site areas, and they must remain on the road.  No driving directly into the sites is allowed.
  • No Pets are permitted on the property.
  • The policies contained within the Guide to Safe Scouting shall be in effect during your stay, and a copy of this publication should be in your possession while at camp.
  • You will check in and check out with the Camp Ranger or Campmaster when arriving or departing from the property.
  • You agree to settle any balances related to the fees associated with your approved request upon your arrival.
  • There are to be no new campfire sites established.
  • If using the campfire rings in the campsites, you are expected to have ample water nearby.  All fires must be extinguished by 11PM each night.  Please note:  That throughout the year, especially in the spring time frame a state fire ban maybe in place.  You can obtain information on this ban through the Virginia State Governor’s Office website.
  • For the purpose of safety, there is to be no driving of any vehicles after you have unloaded at your campsite, unless express permission is granted by the Camp Ranger.
  • The Camp Speed Limit is 10mph.
  • No Driving or Parking on the Grass.
  • All theme areas are off limits unless prior permission has been granted through the Camp Program Director only.
  • You are expected to do general clean up of the shower house closest to your camp site. Also you are expected to gather up all trash in a tied up garbage bag and deposit it at one of the dumpsters located behind the dining hall.
  • You are expected to post a designated First Aid kit in your camp site area that is to be visible to anyone, and that all private prescription medication be locked up for your entire stay.
  • Camp Quiet Hours and Lights Out is at 10PM.

If you’re looking for a great adventure…it starts at Camp William B. Snyder!!!

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