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 Merit Badge Program

The Boy Scouts of America is a movement dedicated to supplementing and enlarging the education of youth. As a vital part of the BSA’s advancement plan, the merit badge program is one of Scouting’s basic character-building tools and plays a key role in the fulfillment of this educational commitment. There are over 100 different merit badges in the program. Without dedicated volunteers who are proficient in the subject matter of the various badges, the program will not be successful.

An important aspect of the merit badge program is the opportunity for boys to widen their contacts with other adults. Meeting with adults whom they might not be acquainted provides boys a chance to develop social skills and self-confidence in situations, which initially may cause them to be uncertain and shy. Merit badge counselors provide the means for Scouts to explore many subjects that may not be available to them otherwise. Because merit badge counselors must be proficient in the subject of the badge being worked on, the boys receive highly accurate and technical instructions while being coached on the topic.

Any questions or concerns please contact the Districts Merit Badge Chair: Darrell Newcomb, 703 849-9056,


Current Merit Badge Counselors and Guidelines:

This is the  current roster of merit badge counselors.  For any recently deleted MBCs please contact the George Mason Merit Badge dean for reinstatement procedures.

Certified Merit Badge Counselors effective 06/02/15…………………..150827_Certified_Counselors_By_Badge

Merit Badge Guidelines effective 10/26/2011……………………………………………….140911 GeoMason Guide

Mark Grapin’s list of merit badge opportunities coming up in 2015………………………150301 MB Opportunities

Watercraft Merit Badge Counselor Qualifications – BSA Canoeing Merit Badge Counselor Certification

The NCAC Aquatics Committee is offering training sessions conducted by a BSA Aquatics Instructor where you will learn and can demonstrate your canoeing and instructional competence so you won’t have to look for that additional help any longer. This training meets the requirements for Canoeing Merit Badge Counselors listed in BSA’s Guide to Advancement.

Courses offered:

25 JUL 15              1130       Camp William B. Snyder                20 JUL 15 registration deadline

03 OCT 15            1130       Camp William B. Snyder                28 SEP 15 registration deadline

The cost for the course is $10.00 which includes use of all paddling equipment. This training is held as an extension to BSA’s Paddle Craft Safety course. The water session starts about 11:30am and runs until about 5 pm. Wear clothes and shoes that can (and will) get wet, a towel and change of clothes, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, water bottle, and lunch. Dress for the weather –bring rain gear if necessary.

Optional – bring your own paddling gear.

Upon successful completion of the assessment you will be issued a pocket card indicating that you have completed the Canoeing Merit Badge Counselor Training.

Register online at

Merit Badge Counselors Needed

Merit Badge Counselors are requested for Dentistry and Sustainability. George Mason District has none now.


Newest Merit Badges Coming Soon

  • Signs, Signals, and Codes: American Sign Language (ASL) is the third most used language in the United States. This merit badge will cover Morse code, ASL, Braille, signaling, trail markings, and other nonverbal communications. Estimated release: Early 2015
  • Animation, computer or traditional animation tasks that will test a Scout’s creativity, artistic skills, and storytelling abilities. Estimated release: Spring 2015

Newest Merit Badges Available Now

  • Digital Technology (will replace Computers) this badge, which replaces Computers, will teach Scouts about technology in the digital age. Released: April 16, 2014
  • Mining in Society, expect this merit badge to cover the history of mining, mining in the 21st century, and introduce Scouts to modern mining careers. Released: Monday, Feb. 24, 2014

Merit Badges with Major Updates

  • Swimming, new requirements. Released May 2014
  • Cooking, this merit badge became Eagle-required on January 1, 2014





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