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Could your unit use some extra cash?  Our Scouts sold $3.8 million in popcorn last year.  Of that amount, more than 70% of the sale proceeds stayed local.  In fact, a third of that amount went directly to the unit’s that sold to fund their programs and activities! Popcorn enables your unit to do the things you want without having to do lots of fund raisers.  The idea is to have this one fund-raiser in the fall support the entire year of Scouting. This is an officially approved council unit money-earning project that many packs and troops participate in each year. Do your sale in the fall and reap the benefits for the rest of the year.  Here is what the most successful units did when they sold their popcorn:

  1. Planned out the year ahead and set a unit budget.
  2. Set sales goals for the unit and the Scouts.
  3. Established Scout Accounts to help each Scout and his family with his Scouting  expenses.
  4. Held a unit program kickoff to tell the Scouts and parents about the great year they have planned.
  5. Sold popcorn by various methods such as TAKE ORDER, SHOW AND SELL, SHOW AND DELIVER, ON-LINE, and SELLING AT WORK.
  6. Scouts continued until their goal was met (usually 3 or 4 afternoons or weekend days).

There are exciting prizes for all the Scouts who sell popcorn!  Additional special prizes for Scouts in the National Capital Area Council include either a free week at Goshen Scout Reservation, a free week at an NCAC day camp, or a free session at Cub World, Camp William B. Snyder, extra gift cards, scholarship funds and for Scouts who sell more than $1,000 in popcorn receive an exclusive Top Seller’s Day!
Order $10,000 dollars or more for your unit and we will ship it to what ever location you would like. A call will be made to the contact person to setup delivery from Moyer & Sons.

No need to attend a popcorn pick-up site – the fresh popcorn comes right to you!

Want to be part of a National’s Baseball game in May 2011? Again in 2011 we will be part of an exciting day with the Nationals. More details about this are coming soon.

Fill It Up! Every week from September 10 – November 19 each new full sheet received will get two free tickets to the Nationals Game in May 2010. This is a different incentive form the one above each Scout must send in a NEW full sheet each week make sure it’s filled out completed.

Get on the weekly update email SIGN UP HERE!

REMEMBER: When placing your unit order on line, the quantities desired must be in FULL cases and…ALL ORDERS ARE FINAL!

Popcorn Forms:

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