Jul 30

2013 Fall Camporee: October 4-6

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 9.35.17 AMCamp Highroads, Aldie, VA

Mark your Calendar! Form your patrols! Invite Webelos dens! Brush up on all those scout skills. Tighten your teamwork!

The George Mason District Fall Camporee will challenge patrols to “adapt and overcome”, to innovate, to solve problems, to think, plan and act as a team.

  • WHEN: Fri, 4 Oct – Sun 6 Oct, 2013
  • WHERE: Camp Highroads, Aldie, VA
  • WHAT: Find out when you get there! You will be challenged!
  • HOW:
    • Estimated cost $25 per person
      Troops should sponsor and invite Webelos dens
      Preregistration by 1 August: Forms to announced through District Web Page and by email to scoutmasters. $100 per troop (non-refundable). Preregistration fee will be deducted from final bill!

Register by 10 September

Late registrations (payment after 10 September): $30 per person

For more information email: gm.camporee@gmail.com


Please take a moment to fill out this registration form:




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  1. Sean McIntyre

    The above email address should be gm.camporee@gmail.com. There is a typo in it currently.

  2. Sean McIntyre

    I’ve not yet heard a response to my above post from a week ago and the e-mail address noted on this page appears not to exist. Is there some other mechanism to get my question answered?


    Sean McIntyre
    SM, Troop 987
    (703) 314-2082

  3. Sean McIntyre

    To whom do we send our $100 deposit for the Fall Camporee? I’ve completed the registration form on gmdistrictscouting.org, but did not see any information on where to send our deposit.


    Sean McIntyre
    SM, Troop 987
    (703) 314- 2082

    1. tara.mcghee

      Hi Sean,

      Thank you for bringing the email address issue to our attention. It has been fixed. You can email Allie Felder (our camporee planner) at gm.camporee@gmail.com or our DE tara.mcghee@scouting.org

      you can mail checks to council (9190 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20814) or coordinate a drop off with Tara.

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