Feb 27

OA Spring Ordeal – 2013



The George Mason Chapter of the OA is having their Spring 2013 Ordeal on April 19-21.  It will be at Camp Snyder.

Registration will be on-line.  (The on-line site is not open yet but we hope to have it up shortly.)

A reminder, you will need to bring a copy of your medical forms and the OA Code of Conduct (which you can download from the Registration page) when you check in.


A note that the program does run into Sunday morning of that weekend.

We are looking for OA members to help staff this event and to serve as Elangamats.  If you can help with this event, please get in touch with Mr. De Lauder (e-mail: eaglescout.roy@verizon.net)

If you are a newly elected Ordeal candidate and this weekend will not work for you, Mr. De Lauder may be able to set you up with another Chapter and their Ordeal.

If you are already an Ordeal member you are probably eligible for Brotherhood.  This would be an opportunity to take the Brotherhood.

Stay tuned for more details.



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