Jan 08

January’s Note from the District Chairman


We have had a very successful year and I am sure we will continue to have a great year coming up. Popcorn sales are going well as of the end of November and it looks like we will surpass last year’s Popcorn sales.

One of the initiatives that we started this year is Den Chief Training. I hope that we will continue to expand this course over the coming year.

Re-chartering is coning up and all units should be working on this now. Reminder that all adults need to see that their Youth Protection Training is up to date. Adult Scouters need to take this every two years. Also, units need to turn in their Journey to Excellence Performance papers.

We had a great Turnout for the Veteran’s Day Ceremonies in Falls Church. The Units that participated in this effort are to be commended.

District Elections are coming up and we are looking for several new members for the District Leadership Positions. If you are interested in any of these contact Jeff Ludin, the Nominating Committee Chairman.

In March, we will have a special presentation, “Historic Flags” put on by the “Heroes of ’76”. This will be done at the Roundtable. These flags represent the flags used by the founding fathers of the United States of America. Presenters will be in Sojourners in Colonial Uniforms.

In May, we have our District Dinner, which is scheduled for May 10th, 2013. Time and Place to be determined.

Yours in Scouting,


Kent S. Webber
Chairman, George Mason District

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