Oct 15

October’s Note From the District Chairman

To Scouters,

Congratulations, I understand that all units had a great time camping, doing high adventure and at Philmont. During a round-table discussion among the unit leaders, I heard good comments on the on the quality and preparation of the food at Goshen. This has been a great turn-around from last year, when I heard nothing but complaints on this.

All units should have completed their “Join Scouting Night ” (JSN) presentations and received completed applications back. These completed applications should be turned in to Tara McGhee.

Our next project is “Scouting for Food” and the bags should have been distributed by now.

Here are some statistics on the camping program for last summer; Day Camps 3,427 Scouts attended, Camp Snyder 14,581 Scouts attended, Goshen 5,571 Scouts attended. Goshen was down for the 2012 Camping season due to the storm that we had in June and consequently, the first week of camping was cancelled and troops rescheduled for later weeks. Camp Snyder went from 7, 703 in 2011 to 14,581 scouts attending in 2012. Great, Camp Snyder is on its way to being self sufficient, plus some major improvements have taken place with the construction of several shooting ranges. For those attending Goshen, the spillway project is underway and you will see a difference in this area at camp.

In the National Capitol Area Council, we have seen a growth in Exploring with 8 new Explorer Posts being Chartered.

The National Area Council received a request from the Virgin Islands to join our council and this was voted on and accepted.

Thanks for all you do for Scouting,

Kent S. Webber
Chairman, George Mason District

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