Jun 19

USA Today Celebrates 100 Years of the Eagle Scout

Several weeks ago the “snap shots” editor of USA Today asked for membership numbers over the past 100 years, to feature as a graphic of the trend.  The team that was asked for the numbers engaged Fleishman (BSA’s PR consultant) and suggested she change her focus to the 100th anniversary of the Eagle Scouts rank and the numbers of young men earning it.  If you haven’t seen the paper, we’ve attached a copy of the graphic.  A copy of he Eagle Scout “snap shot” is directly to the right.

Also, the Editor of USA Today Weekend was in town (Dallas that is) to interview Mr. Tillerson (recent Past BSA President) about the 100th anniversary of Eagle Scouts and the impact of Scouting.  The editor the spent all day at the office, she received a VIP tour of the Rockwell exhibit as well as a “behind the scenes tour” of the National Scouting Museum.  She also  attended a court of honor for Arthur Eldred’s great grandson at the National Capitol Area Council – we are coordinating with their team to capitalize on this great opportunity for Scouting this year.

Make sure to check out the Facebook and Tweets about Michael Thompson, Eagle Scout, who leads the U.S. Open golf tournament.  He is a “proud” Eagle Scout and well respected for his honor.

We’ll share coverage and updates as necessary, but we thought you might like to see these positive stories.

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